Diana Tapping Contemporary Artist

Artists Statement by Diana Tapping

My paintings are inspired by my love of the natural landscape and its relationship with the elements that shape it. I am intrigued by the wide open space created in the landscape and often try to convey the sensation of hovering above the land. To me, painting is an exploratory journey whereby layers of paint are constantly reworked to achieve my goal. I vary my materials to do the job in hand; the continual change enables each medium to inform the other. I enjoy taking risks but am mindful to be true to my subject.


I do not work from photographs, but from the immediacy of what I see on location. My work begins with a walk to collect visual information. I work to absorb and record atmosphere, mood, sound etc. Before painting I will do several walking drawings and colour studies to reinforce my experience of my place in the landscape.



+44 (0)20 8643 6631 ditapditap@yahoo.co.uk